Add a recently added movies and a recently released movies to tvOS homescreen

It would be awesome if Infuse had a recently added movies and recently released movies on the homescreen of tvOS in addition to the recently watched stuff. Maybe infuse can borrow a little from plex’s UI on tvOS.


You can already have the recently added movies on the home screen by making the library section for recently added movies a favorite. Then it will appear on the home screen.

Also you may want to look at posting in the “Suggestions” forum so others can add to your request.

Yes that’s true but I would like to see actual recently added movie posters on the home screen and not just a static recently added icon.

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If you go to Settings and choose “Media Shelf”
You can choose to display “Recently Watched” or “Recently Added” movies/shows in the main menu.
This also applies to the tvOS homepage.

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He likely wants a dedicated row for each (recently added and recently released) on the tvOS homescreen, with horizontal scroll to see just the items from them, in addition to what is already on the homescreen. Essentially, and I’m in agreement with him, similar to the Plex tvOS homescreen. Better discovery and highlighting of key busy areas of a library are definitely welcome in Infuse. Currently, Infuse is a notch or two above browsing a raw filesystem, while what we want is better insight into a collection. This is the reason people use tools like Plex, because at a certain point in everyone’s datahoarding evolution, using a filesystem to browse a collection of similar data just becomes inconvenient and slow. I read somewhere that @james said they are planning to roll out better discover features, likely alongside the Plex native integration, so I’m looking forward to this.

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This is exactly what I am talking about.

In progress… :wink:


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