Add a quick "Open URL" option

Love Infuse, but one thing that’s annoying is the flow of playing from a URL. It requires many clicks. IINA has a URL option on the main splash screen.

It would be great if you could go to the menu bar and click File, and beneath “Open File”, there was an “Open URL”. From there, you could just paste the URL and it would start playing!

IINA example:

I don’t understand your request.
Do you want to play Youtube videos (or other online services) in Infuse? If yes, then you should know that Infuse is not designed for that. If you want to play a movie that is stored in another location, you can drag and drop the movie into Infuse or set Infuse as the default player.

Infuse already supports adding stream files via “Direct URL”. Seen here:

My request is simply making this option faster since right now it requires many clicks. Adding a keyboard shortcut or adding the “Direct URL” option in the menu bar are two ways to make it much quicker.

CMD+N should work.

Copy link, press CMD+N and you’re good to go.


Oh wow, I had no idea. That’s definitely a lot faster. Thanks!

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you’re welcome

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