Add 2nd Row of Favorite Icons

Hello james

Currently I have a lot of favorites on my homesceen , all put on a single line, is it possible with a future option to create a second line, 2 lines of 5 because when you have a good ten you have to play with the remote a longtime

it will be more beautiful

Is this possible in the near future?

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That would be a plus for me also. Even allow multiple rows like FAV-1 FAV-2 FAV-3 and so on. Then you could have a row of favorites that are just Playlists or Just TV related. etc.

Yes even better for the playlist, because today it is impossible to put your own icon without a veil of color (I am not saying that it is not beautiful but it is already seen), we could put the playlist, the genres, the media category with a personalized icon creation as we do today with the favorites