ADATA AE400 Share



I cannot get Infuse 2 to see my ADATA AE400. I type the IP address but get an error message. I have read the instructions posted by James today and this didn’t help. The AE400 has smb so in theory it should work. 


It would be nice for infuse to work with these kind of devices as they are getting more popular.


Any idea of what could be tried next ?




This is actually a known issue with the AE400, and one that we are curerntly working to resolve.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks James, do you have an idea when this will work ? 

The fix will probably be available in version 2.2, which will likely be out sometime after the holidays.

I also have the same problem. I hope the fix will be published soon. The combination of an ipad with infuse and a adata a400 drive is fantastic for carrying your movie collection on the road.

This is confirmed to be fixed in the upcoming Infuse 2.2 update. :slight_smile: