Adaptive quality for faster playback

I think this would be great for a Possible feature for future version of Infuse.

Playback would be instant, it’s like how netflix works but with your personal library.

Wouldn´t that defeat the purpose of a server-less approach to other “transcoding” solutions like Plex? Me for one are tired of upgrading my HW on the host part of Plex and therefor went all in on Fusion. Plex do however run extremely well; and have clients for all types of hw like directly on my LG tv etc. There you can also set any setting in regards of “transcoding”.

I think we have to set Kodi (XBMC) as a vs to Infuse and on that part Infuse have outdone themselves on a reliable player. Much to do on the “sync parts” etc still, and the presentation of your queue (on deck (plex term)) but still. Great stuff.

There would be two approaches (3 actually) to this: 1. the client must transcode (to avoid a server) and then the bandwidth would still hog up the total mb/gbs of your video file. You would also have a hw issue on older ATVs / iOS devices; 2. a cloud solution (providers that can be linked to Infuse to avoid your own server). Big brother type of aspect here., and 3. an Infusion transcoder “at the location of the files” for example your NAS.

For me I think Infuse are set for the future where most people now see great speeds on their home networks, and I actually like the “Apple focus” based on my long experience with Plex serving “all clients” (giving constant setbacks in bugs etc).

I rather see them getting to a mint setup on their current approach than to add features like this. You could also “automatically batch encode” your files server side to get what you are asking for. Just saying (adding a 3rd party function on your own). Here you would just add a listener to folder “incoming” > convert and add to “infuse folder” the folder linked to your infuse setup; all done automatically.

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see the thing is with cloud storage is quality selection is already available on the go, from 360p all the way to 4k. What if Infuse utilised this automatically?

I get it; but again I think you should check out Plex Cloud for your needs on this. Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive options for a serverless solution. Infuse for me are an exciting alternative to native streaming on Plex; and I do think that their approach are more future orientated than Plex (in regards of the ever growing bandwidth both on cellular, fiber and coax setups for flats / houses).

Transcoding has always been great on Plex (except for bugs being fixed as they develop) but native streaming with so many client variations have always been a bit of a “fiddle” to say the least. Then comes the ever growing format support into play; where I for one used an old Mac Mini 2.4 ghz (dual) 8gb RAM that was mint a couple of years ago and now I see that it is just too slow in some occations. Running Plex on Synology NAS gave the same experience. Works “ok” not any better than that.

Aside from that you have to also know that all Plex clients are kind of “their own development projects” giving an ever growing list of pain (for people like me with lots of different terminals).

I chose therefor to step back; invest in a couple of more ATVs and go for a more linear HW approach by Infuse. Very happy with it. But of course we all probably use these players for different things. I do lots of filming with my Leica cam, have lots of family video clips, etc. and want them to play “in full quality” (therefor Infuse are great); but for people using it for other needs like TV-Shows etc and want to watch their show “on the go” (cellphones etc) I definetly see your point; but then give Plex a shot. Same as Infuse - lots of great community people, and a constant ever growing software project. I hope Infuse stay on their own path since I am a happy user of both solutions, and I think there are still so many things Infuse are in need of before they go for a cloud project. (GUI like on deck, clearer sync rules (now it syncs in the BG and you never know what is synced or not), etc.