Actors playlist

Played around with this feature today and two things were not as I expected:

  1. TV-shows seem to be ignored when creating a playlist with actors/actresses (I know of course that there could be too many, but to at least include the main actors would be cool nd show s1e1 in the list)

2] Those playlists sync fine with iOS devices but seem to be ignored by tvOS - meant like that? i also dont see a way to make one manually on tvOS…

Otherwise a good start for a nice feature :wink:

The actor/director/writer search currently only applies to Movies, but we may look at integrating TV shows in the future.

With regard to syncing, you will want to ensure you are running the latest version on all devices. Infuse 6.4.4 includes some new iCloud related changes, and it will not sync with older versions of Infuse.

So if I save a playlist for an actor on iOS it should pop up in Infos tvOS? Tried it but seems I’m doing something wrong - all devices, regardless of the OS, are on the latest version…

Any hint what to try?