Actors during playback


would it be possible to show the actors during video playback by pressing a button on Apple TV?
I like the actor / cast preview before starting the film. But it would be great to see them also during playback.
Like Amazon Video.



I, too, would appreciate a pull down to view cast & crew details (perhaps included amongst whichever other items befitting an “info” tab Infuse chooses to make available) …

… and would even more appreciate integration with some sort of nearly-sentient AGI Siri stand-in with the ability to parse both what’s presently happening onscreen and any half-mumbled thoughts that might tumble off my tongue, so as to automagically provide accurate answers to inferred queries such as “Who is that striking woman in the hat?” and “Who’s that dusty old dude with the really gravelly voice?”.

Such skills would certainly supercharge the utility I‘m currently getting out of Infuses’s downloaded cast & crew metadata. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:

Amazon’s X-ray feature was not built upon smart AI video recognition. I had a friend thet worked in that department that was paid to just watch movies and tag actors to time stamps as they showed up.

Would be cool if it could do it automatically though.

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I didn’t even know that was a thing. Lol. How does one get a job like that? I might actually <gasp!> watch my movies if I scored one!

Well you would want to watch your favorites right away. You had a huge selection to choose from, but it was first come first serve, of course. If someone else had watched the movie already you would be out of luck

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Ahora que Apple lo ha sacado también con Tvos18 con el nombre de InSight. Que forma puede tomar esto? Es posible?

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Now that Apple has also released it with Tvos18 under the name InSight. What form can this take? It’s possible?

They marketed it as a tvOS feature but it really is just a tv app exclusive like Amazon has