Actors/Crew list on 4K library?

I use Plex Server, and have a Movies and a UHD Movies library on it. I can see a list of cast and crew on the details (classic) in the Movies library, but in the UHD library none of the items has this list.

Is there a reason for this? Is something I need for this disable? Can’t find an option for it.

Do I need to dump the cached metadata and reload?

Are both libraries using the same metadata fetcher in Plex?

Are you using Library or Direct Mode?

Does using the Refresh option in a specific item in Infuse have any effect?

Doing a refresh doesn’t change anything. Using library mode. Also have the smart groups option on, so it displays the items by resolution. In those cases, the 1080p has the cast list, choosing the 4k version loses it.

If I go directly to the UHD movies library, none there have cast lists either.

I am, have been for a long time, using a different scanner on Movies and UHD Movies. The movies library uses Plex Scanner, the UHD library uses Plex Movie Scanner (older one). I did this because using legacy scanner mixed up the objects and didn’t keep the artwork separate.

Even then, Plex client shows the cast list for both. I’d swear this used to work, but no good way for me to verify that.