Actor Pics

Plus 1… along with IMDB and or Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews.

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Thanks. I forgot to include those.

Better to keep it to one suggestion per thread that way you don’t dilute support and it’s easier to track numbers for each suggestion.



I want this so badly, so I don’t have to keep leaving Infuse to go into Apple Movies or Plex.

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+1. Please add.

You need to click the like on the first post to add your +1 :wink:


I want this option too! Infuse will be perfect!!!

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This would be perfekt

Agreed here too. That said Plex nor Emby/Jellyfin have it perfect.
Plex looks far better but limits the results to Movies or Shows depending on the type you are searching from.
Emby/Jellyfin pulls results regardless (if I recall) of the actor being in a Movie or Show but looks truly awful.

On each movie or episode page there is column with actor/s, director/s and writer/s.
Can you make positions in this column as links?
It would be much faster to search.


I wish if this feature was available as on Plex and iTunes Movies. It would make the movie page more awesome with all info in one place.

Can I add photos to actors on Apple TV? im not godt to actors names but I can remember them by photos :smiley:

But please optional Actor-Pics :wink::+1:
We don’t need a cluttered Plex-Clone :rofl::+1: