Actor Pics

Plus 1… along with IMDB and or Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews.

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Thanks. I forgot to include those.

Better to keep it to one suggestion per thread that way you don’t dilute support and it’s easier to track numbers for each suggestion.



I want this so badly, so I don’t have to keep leaving Infuse to go into Apple Movies or Plex.

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+1. Please add.

You need to click the like on the first post to add your +1 :wink:


I want this option too! Infuse will be perfect!!!

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This would be perfekt

Agreed here too. That said Plex nor Emby/Jellyfin have it perfect.
Plex looks far better but limits the results to Movies or Shows depending on the type you are searching from.
Emby/Jellyfin pulls results regardless (if I recall) of the actor being in a Movie or Show but looks truly awful.

On each movie or episode page there is column with actor/s, director/s and writer/s.
Can you make positions in this column as links?
It would be much faster to search.


I wish if this feature was available as on Plex and iTunes Movies. It would make the movie page more awesome with all info in one place.

Can I add photos to actors on Apple TV? im not godt to actors names but I can remember them by photos :smiley:

But please optional Actor-Pics :wink::+1:
We don’t need a cluttered Plex-Clone :rofl::+1:

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Good morning. First of all thanks for such amazing work.
I was wondering if there is any possibility to add right after actor tag the character they do. That would be really useful overall in animation movies.
Another thing. Is there any possibility to give to infuse the actors /directors images as we can do with the posters?



+1 + make it clickable so i can see other movies in my collection from this actor or director



I have a question :
I really can’t wait to see the render of the actors artwork in the square format, I have doubts about the appearance,
Why not have chosen the standard apple TV or Plex format which is more consesual, in a circle instead of the square like Emby which is really not Top ???

Jellyfin :Emby


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+1 for me as well :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see this is looking to become a reality. Another thing I would like to see is the name of the character the actor plays under the picture.


On Plex it works fine, but on Infuse it does not work. Refreshing metadata did not work as well. This is for all OS on iPadOS, tvOS, and iOS