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I have a question :
I really can’t wait to see the render of the actors artwork in the square format, I have doubts about the appearance,
Why not have chosen the standard apple TV or Plex format which is more consesual, in a circle instead of the square like Emby which is really not Top ???

Jellyfin :Emby


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+1 for me as well :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see this is looking to become a reality. Another thing I would like to see is the name of the character the actor plays under the picture.


On Plex it works fine, but on Infuse it does not work. Refreshing metadata did not work as well. This is for all OS on iPadOS, tvOS, and iOS

I moved your post to a currently running thread for this issue. Note it is tagged as “in-progress”

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Also you can see where it is on the upcoming features thread.

@james , please make the “actor pics” available even when folder settings are set to “local metadata”!!!

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Infuse pro for aptv 4 Is beautiful but one thing is missing according to me : the possibility to have fanart for actor, performer casting like plex or Emby in the scrolling of the description for movie or tv

Someone knows a solution???


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Yes , I want to have under the movie synopsis the photo of actor , other movies in m’y library The scrolling is vertical in plex or emby.

I think is not possible in infuse. ??? Solution in the future ???

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that is also one of my biggest wishes

Guys, what u are asking is exactly what is coming this month as update.

Actor photos and the ability to initiate a search from clicking one would be terrific.

Same answer as above: already scheduled for this month.

Just because you asked nicely. :wink:
Check out the info on 7.1 (Mid-August) release

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Didn’t see that thread before, sounds awesome. I’ve got some more suggestions I’m writing up for future updates. Love the app and the support.

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Today’s 7.1 update adds actor pics to the video details page.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


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  2. Lots of wronf casts due to online metadata, specially on TV Shows.


How can we disable this update/downgrade?

Looks like there’s some issues with it determining the cast on the fly. I’ve noticed it incorrect on a few titles, and correcting itself when I navigate back. Can’t say what is causing it at a glance but something is causing inconsistencies.

There are some library updates Infuse will need to do after installing 7.1, but these are done automatically so any missing info should get ironed out as you use the app.

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