Actor movie list not complete / working

I use Emby as Backend and have the issue, that if I choose an actor, to see, where he is also part of it, the list of movies are not complete.

When i remember correct, by the Update 7.3.3 there was starting a database optimisation process and it was fine after that. Now by using the latest version of Infuse, the list ist total uncomplete.
Someties only one movie is shown.

In Emby himself is everything complete and correct

Hello ???
no answer ? still the same problem.
After recreating all metadata the issue is bigger than befor.

No i get the list of actors only, when i choose a movie, where he is part of it.
So example.
Open the movie “Independance Day” and choose Wil Smith, I only see him as actor in Independance Day.
If i now open the movie I Robot, I see him now as part of it from I Robot and Independance Day.
and so on.

In Emby everthing is still fine