Actor info from plex server?

So I have updated to 7.1 i am using it with my plex server and I can see actor info when entering a movie /show but not before that.

I read that people say to just let it run until it updates metadata. Does this also count for plex? is it possible to update manually? can I see if the update is running? because I tried to refresh metadata from plex but nothing happens.
and the little refresh wheel is not moving.

Thank you all in advance

Can you describe where you are missing these images?

Actor artwork will be displayed on the video details page, as well as in search when results for an actor are loaded.

Does this match up with what you’re seeing?

Note: When using Plex, Infuse will fetch images from there instead of getting them from TMDb directly. Because of this, you will want to ensure the actor images appear correctly in the Plex web UI.

On my apple tv at the button where the actor pictures are.
Example I look at a movie with Idris Elba in it. I know I have several movies with him. To start with it only showed the one I chose.

Then I search for thor and all of a sudden it shows not just thor but all thor movies he is in……but not say Dark Tower……Untill I search for it…then he is attached to that movie too.

It’s like it needs to update before it works but I cant seem to get it to do this. A full update of the plex metadata did nothing. According to others I have to just wait but I waited for some time and only some of these seem to work.

What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to be able to see it working on this (with the spinning wheel for instance)

P.S. According to plex I have 15 movies with Idris Elba……only 5 hows up in Infuse (those i have been in …contact with)

I’ve experienced missing movies for actor artwork compare to Plex.
Clear metadata in infuse and refetch from Plex fix it for me.

That seemed to do the job :partying_face:

Thanks a lot!!

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