Accidentally purchased a-tv flash instead of aTV Flash (black)

Hello folks,

I accidentally purchased aTV Flash instead of aTV Flash (black), I have already purchased aTV flash (black) since that is the version I needed. I have contacted sales support to see if they can refund my purchase for the original aTV Flash but nobody has responded. I wanted to know from the forum what has been the support from FireCore to support this type of request. Appreciate any insight on the matter.



If you’ve already sent in an email you should get a response soon.

Well it has been some time, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Hallo Kartik, This evening I made the conclusion that there must be two different versions of atv flash. When I run the aTV Flash installer program, it asks for a flash drive instead of saying Welcome to the aTV Flash (black) Installer. That makes I think the difference between white 1 and black box 2 version? When I purchased the program I started with the black version. Nowhere I encountered that I had to make a choice for the black one again. I hope that we both get an answer soon.

Regards Peter

If you have’t done so already, please send in an email and we’ll get you squared away.

Hallo James,


I did sent an email even before I find this topic and posted my story.

But still no reaction untill now! Only: Your request (#19509) has been received, and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Hope you can do something for me?

Best regards.



I am in the same boat, bought and paid for the wrong one, sent a couple of messages as yet received no reply, any posters on here received any replies?

Problem sorted, thank Firecore

I just did the same thing - really hope I hear something soon - did they refund you the difference? 

Yep took a few days but the situation was resolved

just did the samething my self. Hope they can help me soon, can’t wait…

I have also accidently purchased the Older Version i.e aTVFlash whereas I require the other one i.e aTVFlash (black) I have requested the sales as well as the support team to look into this matter and I hope that this gets sorted out soon.


Had the same issue. Contacted support, one day later I got a refund and my download section showed the new black version… Support at it’s best - thanks!

I have been given a refund of the difference in the amount as well as the links to the download of the correct version. I must say that their support team rocks.