Accidental purchase a Special Offer 44€ but not refund

This is a strange story, but true one

I am a Infuse PRO 4 user and I bought a month subscription to prove Infuse PRO 6

The month subscription finished 9th April and last day I use the app in my ApleTV was 8th April

10th April while I watched TV seems that Siri remote was around my body and seems that start Infuse without my care. It’s not the first time it happen because the sensibility of Siri Remote
Suddenly I receive a SMS in my phone advising me of a payment of 44€ in iTunes. I am surprised but I didn’t know what could happen
Quickly I enter in Apple Store of my PC and try to contact Apple to know what is happening and look that was Infuse v6 PRO forever purchase
I wrote a mail to Apple telling about the happening and the I went to my TV and change to AppleTV source and I saw that a video was playing
Next I run to setup and check that my account has DISABLE the option to buy in app without enter password. This is the very odd thing because one day I took care about DISABLE it for avoid this accidental purchases with children at home and it was corrected switched for ask always the password

So what could happened, Apple TV have 12.3 beta, Infuse 6 was selected from the last day and when I sat in the sofa it turned on and select one movie unconsciently, then if there was DTS sound or something like that the app asked for subscription and randomly it selected FULL LIFE subscription, SECURITY STORE OPTION didn’t work as expected and it began to play the movie with a previous purchase of suscription

What Apple said is that I use the app so I can’t request any refund of my purchase

I would give an administrator my personal ID to review my case. Thanks in advance

Thanks for sharing, but you should post on Apple Support Forum as it sounds like an Issue with tvOS Beta accidentally buying stuff.

Hope someone could take part on it. For now Apple said that I’m not able to request refund. So I submit a new request in security fault wall for review

Maybe Infuse tells me that its my problem and maybe it was but hope that Apple or Infuse could resolve this odd thing …

I was think what is my earn in bought a lifetime subscription 44€ and regret of the purchase 1 hour later and why Apple can’t refund this because I use it for one hour while exist a 1 month subscription that cost 0,99€

The answer sorry man you take use of your purchase for one hour you must pay the lifetime purchase because it was your choice

Purchasing goes directly through Apple. They’re the store front and also the ones who handle all financial transactions for in app purchases. You’re going to have to keep fighting with them.

By the way, a lifetime subscription for 44,00 Euro isn’t that bad

Unfortunately, developers don’t have access to purchase history and are unable to issue refunds. This is great from a privacy perspective, but is a bit frustrating in cases like this.

Your best option is to contact Apple via