Accesssing video files from my two networked PCs on my aTV

My Apple TV is version 3.0.1.

Connecting to my Home Network:

I have two computers

  1. Dell running Windows XP:

I have enabled folder sharing and can see the folders on my ATV however when I select a file the following happens:

JPG = I can open one file and view but then get an error message “XBMC/Boxee exited with status: 4”.
MOV;MP4;AVI;WMV all cannot open and immediately give the same message “XBMC/Boxee exited…”

so very few files and no video can be viewed. Help please!

  1. An Apple MacMini Intel OS X 10.4.11:

I have set up personal file sharing on network but ATV cannot find any shared folders.

Your help on the above would be great.Also not sure what XBMC or Nito will do for me as nothing appears to come through.