Accessing Time Capsule

How can I access The internal Disk on my Time Capsule with Media Player? I tried setting up the Time Capsule with Accounts and entered Username and Password when adding the Share. This produced the follwing Error, when connecting via the "Media" Menu: "AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password". All Mac can access the internal disk of the Time Capsule without problems. I also tried to disable Accounts in the Time Capsule and use a Drive Password. I entered the Drive Password in Media Player and no Username, no luck - same Error.

Is there a document, that describes how to connect to the Time Capsule ? 

Anything further on this? Did you get an answer or figure it out? I'm getting the same issue, but I can't believe that there isn't a solution, or there would be countless responses saying 'me too!'

So assuming it IS doable, can somebody post how they did it?


Even though a username won't be required to connect to your Time Capsule, the current version of Media Player will throw an error like this in the username field is left blank.

This should be resolved in the next version, but in the meantime just try entering 'username' (or anything else) in the username field and you should be able to connect.

Hi, tried leaving the 'login' and 'password' fields empty after encountering same problem as above, but when trying to access TC through Media/My Files I still get the error message. Any other options to resolve?

Do you have guest access enabled on your Time Capsule?

Usually a password will be required to access shared files stored on a Time Capsule.

Yes, guest access enabled, but still TC not accessible through ATV.

I’m having the same issue so far… I can see a USB-disk connected to the Time Capsule, but not the internal HD itself for some reason. I have Guest-access off… when turned on (wether with read-only or read+write) I couldn’t see the external USB-disk connected to the Time Capsule. With Guest-access off, I was able to see the USB-disk once, but after trying it a second time I didn’t have such luck.

I know this isn’t an Apple Time Capsule support forum, but would it be possible to have a Time Capsule-setup for ATV2’s access tutorial here? I’m assuming a lot of people here are probably wanting to use the ATV2 with a NAS of some sort :slight_smile:

Edit due to finding a good source that seems to work flawless

In our case, we simply add a similar URL to your “Add Share” (I think you should choose “Other…” in order to add the address manually), and add the following smb://TimeCapsuleName:<password>@
Before you do so, turn File Sharing on on your Time Capsule, set Guest Access to “Read” or “Read/Write”… whichever you like. Set a Workgroup Name, and leave “WINS Server” blank.

TimeCapsuleName = as the name implies, it’s the name you’ve given your Time Capsule (or Airport Extreme for that matter)
<password> = This is the password you gave your Time Capsule/Airport Extreme (remove the brackets) = This is the IP-address that you can find in your Airport Configuration program
Name-of-HD = This is the HD’s name. Usually this is called “Data” in a Time Capsule.

Anything that you add after this URL is simply the link towards the specific folder you want to add. In the URL-example above you can see that there’s a folder inside the “Name-of-HD” called “Video”. 

This should work I reckon :slight_smile: I’m a complete newb when it comes to networking, but this worked flawlessly for me.

the way i got it to work via the Time Capsule is to just put in the router’s password only with no username. i then tested the connection and it works great!