accessing SMB shares on a Windows Home Server (1st version Server 2003)



I have a WHS (Windows Home server, first edition), where all my media files are stored. I wonder if it is possible to access SMB shares on that machine using an Apple TV, since I read that IOS does not natively support SMB shares.

Yes, with aTV Flash (black) installed you can stream files using SMB to the AppleTV.

I just JB’d my ATV and installed nitoTV and xbmc. The music. videos, and pictures are stored on a Windows Home Server 2011 box. My goal here is to have something that my wife can operate. This means it needs to be very simple. How does aTV Flash compare to xbmc in terms of ease of use? Will it show videos and music thumbnails and/or posters? Do you have to navigate the file system to find the movies? IOW, is aTV Flash as easy to use as the Apple TV itself? If I buy aTV Flash can I remove xbmc or would I still need it?