Accessing SMB away from home

I have successfully setup my Windows 7’s share directory with my 4th gen Apple TV (SMB). My next goal has been trying to setup Infuse on my iPhone to access that same share remotely.

I know my IP address, and I know my share name (contains a space like “My Media”), but I don’t know if I need to forward a port, type the address a certain way, or what I could do to verify that I have it configured correctly.

Protocol: SMB
Address: \\My+Media
Workgroup: WORKGROUP

I’ve never attempted something like this before, nor have I been able to find any helpful guides.

That is a very bad idea from a security point of view. Allowing access to your SMB shares over the internet just asks for trouble, some routers won’t even allow you to per default. And yes, you do need to forward ports (139 and 445), but that’s like opening the doors to hell.

To access those shares, WebDAV (HTTPS) is a much better choice from the protocols supported by Infuse. On a Windows 7 machine, you need to install a WebDAV Service that is part of the IIS package and forward the ports in your router setup.

A tutorial can be found here:

It takes a bit of configuration and IT knowledge to set it up. If you’re not familiar with this, a NAS device to host your files instead of your Windows 7 machine probably makes more sense. Most NAS do have an easy to setup WebDAV server integrated.