Accessing shares using Wi-Fi (SMB)

I am having an issue whereby my saved shares cannot be accessed unless I disconnect my iPad from the Wi-Fi connection and reconnect again to the same Wi-Fi connection. After reconnecting all seems to work well again for that session, seems to affect all shares (DLNA and SMB) I download my files to my iPad so I can view them on my daily commute. I am using iOS 11.4.1 and Windows 10 with latest update. I was deleting the shares and re saving them which seemed to sometimes help, sometimes I could access the folders and even start the transfer but part way through the transfer would stop and then give an error, “retry download” occasionally would start the transfer again for a bit before stopping, changing from SMB3 to SMB2 or even legacy also seemed to sometimes make a difference but the only thing that seems to consistently work for now is to disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi so I am wondering if the gateway is changing something about the Wi-Fi connection that infuse rejects ? I would love it if anyone has experienced this same issue and knows how to fix it but for now I will just change to aeroplane mode and then connect again to the same Wi-Fi connection before starting any file transfers/downloads to my iPad from my PC.

Hmm, is this still a problem for you in the new 5.8 update?

If so, please use the Email Us option found in Settings and we can look into this further.

Unfortunately, I’ve got the same issue.

Have you followed the suggestion James made in his post?