Accessing Plex remotely on cellular connection on Infuse?

Is anyone else facing an issue where trying to access a Plex server remotely (and playing a video on cellular) won’t work?

I can connect to Wi-Fi and the video will play smoothly. It’s just connecting to cellular where I face this issue.

Cellular on remote through the official Plex app also works…\

Currently, Infuse will direct play all videos from Plex while steaming both locally and remotely.

In some cases, the available speeds while remote may not be enough to play the selected video.

You can run a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are able to get. This can be done through Infuse > Settings > Add Files > (click pencil icon next to share name) > Speed Test.

Thats the thing, all my videos are Direct Playable (verified this on the official Plex app). But remote streaming just doesn’t work on Infuse for some reason while remote streaming works on the Plex app.

I tried to run a speed test, but it doesn’t work. I clicked “Start Test” and “Stop Test” and nothing happens.

The bitrates on these files are pretty small as well (5000 kbps or less). And my server’s upload speeds definitely support that.

I also have Cellular Downloads enabled.