Accessing network storage on nitoTV

I’ve got a network storage device (Terastation) that I can view fine via any laptop on my network - via \terastation\share. I can access this fine through XBMC as well - it has a network browsing capability so it’s just a matter of finding and selecting it through the file browser. I can’t seem to get access to it through nitoTV. Nito requires me to “Add Manual Share Point” and then asks me for a Mount Name, Network Address, and a Path. I’ve tried every permutation of “terastation” and “share” and can’t get it to work - I keep getting: “mount_afp missing, cannot mount”

Any advice?

I am running into exactly the same error - except using Synology NAS versus Terastation. Is this an indication of a user error or inability to use a NAS. The NAS supports an itunes server but from other posts it sounds like you can’t setup ATV with a NAS based itunes server so was hoping I could at lease use SMB approach for accessing the NAS content from the ATV.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


It was a user error in my case :-o

I had the wrong mount type specified. It was set to afp. I was pretty sure I didn’t select that in the first place but must have somehow. My NAS appears mounting fine now.


What did you do to change from afp?

It took me 2 YEARS to figure this out. This information is very hard to find… I found it on the nito site (seems that they heard people had so much trouble doing this…)

I connected to a WHS and a generic NAS successfully for the first time this weekend by doing the following:

Mount name = anything you want it to be
Network Addy = the computer or device’s name as it is known on the network. do NOT use any special characters
vol path = the folder you want to connect to. again, do NOT use any special characters. a top-level folder will give you drill-down access to sub-folders

use “SMB” as the connect method first, if that does not work you can try others.

For a WHS, i can’t remember but I think you must engage authorization, and use “guest” (with no password) to access the WHS shares
For a NAS, same thing… set up a username (with or without password) to allow the ATV to access.

Having said all that, and after mounting via NITO, I can watch just one movie then it kills the ATV. Blank screen. I hear it going through menus but I see nothing. Sapphire is worthless… totally reboots the ATV and does nothing.

I can, however, use XBMC and Boxee to read everything in the networked folders. Plays with a funky screen ratio, but I can overscan on the LCD to fill it all in. Sound is perfect, in surround sound.

Extremely happy I don’t have to convert all my VOB’s into apple quicktime movies and stream them anymore! 9 TB is enough :frowning: