Accessing my Shared Drive from outside my network on infuse

Is it possible to access my shared drive while outside my network from infuse? I was trying to set this up yesterday and incountered some issues.
-I have port forwarding setup and I set my computer with the shared drive to a static IP. I can access the shared drive outside my network with TightVNC viewer so I know that it working.
-But when I set my shared drive computer to a static IP of (.220) infuse app on ipad can no longer connect to the drive on the same network. It can see it, and it tries to connect by can’t see my shared folders unless I switch the computer back to an automatically assigned ip address. Is it because I set the static address to something above 200?

If I can get infuse to connect on the same network with a static address, can I then access my shared drive outside of my network through the infuse app?