Accessing movies on a QNAP from the internet using Infuse

Done some searching but nothing concrete pops up. I want to use Infuse on a remote AppleTV to access my movies here at home stored on my QNAP NAS in a shared folder. I do have a DDNS address ( i.e. <router level) available if that would be helpful. Not certain how to proceed. Definitely need some detailed help please.

You can use WebDAV or the easiest way: install plex on your qnap and connect with that.

Webdav was my first choice but for some reason I’m unable to connect to my NAS this way. No doubt it’s because I’m a noob at dealing with the QNAP config. Really trying to avoid using plex if at all possible.

So after further searching I stumbled on the webdav solution, which requires a number of steps.

  1. The QNAP needs to have a static IP address.
  2. You need to establish a MyQNAPcloud link to your NAS.
  3. You need to forward ports 5000 & 5001 on your router to the NAS static IP.
  4. On the QNAP enable the webserver (webdav requires it) hit APPLY
  5. On the QNAP under Network & Services Webdav tab: enable webdav, click shared folder permission, click dedicated port numbers hit APPLY
  6. validate your set shared folder permissions are what you want them to be

You can test by going to Finder, GO, connect to server then type in: it will ask for user & pw

In Infuse config: select share OTHER
enter a name (I used NAS)
protocal: webdav
User name: a user id you set up in QNAP
password: for the above
Advanced: precast images ON
Port: 5000
Path: point it to the shared folder that has your movies
MAS address: ignore

Hope this helps others.

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