Accessing files over 3G LTE

infuse works fine when on wifi but has anyone been able to use infuse and access files to remotely watch movies on 3G or LTE when not at home? I’ve tried and tried but it will not connect. many other apps will do it, so why not infuse??

This is possible, but you would need to setup a (second) connection to your share since you are connecting through an external IP address on not through your local LAN.

If you’re using a NAS, I’d recommend checking with the manufacture to see if they have any guides that describe how to access the device remotely. While we’d love to help with this, this requires a rather advanced network setup, and there are simply way too many combinations and variables for us to cover.

stream2me and plex permit that with a small server running on the host computer. that works well. I had a few others too that worked with just accessing through the ip address.

infuse would be a complete solution if it worked the way plex or stream2me worked. right now infuse is only good at home. as soon as you leave your wifi network you have to resort to another app.

im not connecting through NAS, just regular router

to further add to this, when on LTE, i go in the infuse ios, and try to create a connection using a free domain name like, which is associated to my ip address… but it never connects…

however if i try in apple screenshare or server, it works…

This is simple… ADD the folder through a ftp connection and your done… im using it that way if I want remote access

FTP is really the easiest way to do it, took me a couple months to figure out how to stream over 3g/LTE but i finally figured it out. If you need any help and you are using win7/8.1 message me and I will try to help you out.

Thanks a lot but I’m using mac :frowning:

I’ve tried with mac but was unsuccessful. If someone here knows how please let me know.

It seems complicated for nothing to access files remotely. Other apps do it much easier.

I have infuse pro and had try many times try to connect my NAS remotely but failed. I am using NAS WD my cloud.
Can you please help me to set it up?

@kel did you find the solution? I’m using a Seagate PersonalCloud, which works about the same way as your WD.

Is it possible to connect a NAS through FTP?

Did you ever have any luck figuring out how to get Infuse to remotely access your WD My Cloud’s media library? I have been wanting to figure this out since I bought my WD Cloud NAS, but I don’t even know where to begin… help anyone…?

You Can do it by going with ftp or Sftp
When you go to ADD files select “available drives” or available mounts” or whatever its Called in your language… mine is Danish so i cant be 100% sure on the translation… but it’s in the are where you input everything manually…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response! I agree that FTP or SFTP is going to be the best option for remote access, but you are not really giving me any new information. I already know that you need go to Infuse’s “Add Files” in order to create a new ftp/sftp share, but thats the very last part of the setup.

I am trying to figure out what I need to do to setup my WD My Cloud NAS + my AirPort Extreme (802.11ac) router, so that I will be able to open Infuse (when Im away from home) and remotely connect to my home network & movie files (located on the NAS).

I realize this might be a tedious setup process, but if anyone can confirm that this remote access on Infuse is possible or not possible with the WD My Cloud EX2 - that would be a really great start!!

Then I have totally misunderstood you… infuse doesn’t have any impact on whether or not it’s posdible with your own router/nas/whatever…
open them for remote access and infuse can pick it up

Yep I understand all of that, and I realize the fault is in my NAS+Router remote setup, or the lack-there-of… But this is a discussion forum, and I believe my question is related to a previous comment by another user, so…

I’d like to see if someone else has had a similar issue and come to understand anything useful about it…??

I’ve found much more info on what your asking on the WD MyCloud forum where the set up of remote access is the target of the forum. Here, you “may” find someone who is doing it with the same hardware but there are so many caveats with variables that you still may not get the correct for you answers.

Here’s the WD forum

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Thanks! Ive actually posted on the WD forums before, but its been a while so I think I’ll give it another try.

Good luck and keep us posted if you find any nuggets of good info.

The way I access my files remotely through Infuse is by using Filezilla Server, setting up FTP and sharing the folders I want within Filezilla server. You have port forward on your router I use for port range 20,21 and local port I use 21. To get your ip address that you need to put in the router use ipconfig in CMD and look at IPv4 address. If you need more info I can help as much as possible.