Accessing content from HD (Win7)

Hi I’m trying to setup aTV to stream content from a HD connected to my Win7 computer (USB). I have the drive shared, “Everyone” is set to r/w (I also added Guest with r/w), and I can’t connect to the drive from my Apple TV. I can hit it by going Run -> //network/sharename and on a Mac Mini using Finder (Shared list).

What am I supposed to put in the connection info on my Apple TV?


IP Address or //network/sharename?

Do I have to use a user/pass?

Anything else I could be missing?


The guide on the site isn’t clear as to what I enter to connect once it’s setup.


Figured it out, XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/sharename, everything else blank, you guys should update your sharing guide to explain what to put in the connection details for Windows computers!

Did not even need to do that for win7. I could browse to pick up my shared files and play them in MEDIA PLAYER. But must admit it is not reliable. Using SMB shares. And can see 80% of my files. But persistently am missing that other 20% of the files. Kind of weird bug in MEDIA PLAYER. Will be asking tech support to help me with this soon. Am glad I can get this far. So close on ATV FLASH.


Found PUBLIC folder sharing with SMB under WIN7 does not work correctly.  But can at least browse to a shared directory.

also found this article  looks like need to check that firewall is not blocking ports



After more tests found that the fire wall settings do not matter as long as you are SHARING properly.  Did find something interesting though.  You can not share PUBLIC folders under WIN7  because they supposedly are inherently shared.   But PUBLIC folder sharing does not seem to work correctly for SMB under WIN7.


Had to create a specific shared folder, dedicated to sharing.  This seems to work correctly every time. Except for a specific weid issue.  When using MEDIA PLAYER any sub directory that has only a single file in it, will not be listed by MEDIA PLAYER as a folder.  Instead only the single file is listed as available. 


Folders that only have a single video file in them being presented as a video (rather than as a folder) is a new deliberate feature in the Media Player.

It is to cater for people who have their movies in separate folders along with the associated metadata and/ or image files. Rather than presenting these as a whole load of folders where you have to navigate into the folder in order to play the movie, they are instead just presented as movies that can be played.

Its a feature, not a bug.  Good answer.  I believe ya though, and glad a note about this was posted.  makes sense.