Accessing Apple TV/Infuse from my Mac to fine tune media information

Hi all

I have a lot of media on my NAS for which metadata are wrong as currently detected by default in Infuse( mostly concert videos). For now I have to sit in front of my TV, launch Infuse and go through all media one by one with the dreadful Apple TV remote, click on Edit, look for the correct title for the media and so on.

For example, I have a lot of Kiss concert videos which are wrongly detected by default but for which you can find the correct information if you type in the first letters.

This would be so much more comfortable if I could do this on my Mac, sitting at my desk, , via a remote connection to my AppleTV (web interface of some sort as provided by most similar devices).
This way I could see the infuse screens on my Mac screen and use my keyboard to quickly correct the wrong metadata information instead of sitting for hours in front of the TV my living room, preventing anybody else from using the tv (and believe me, forcing a teenager off his FIFA20 on the PS4 is a life-threatening exercise :wink: :wink: )

So do you guys know if such a remote control of the AppleTV interface through the network is possible from a Mac ?
Is there anything such as an Apple TV default local IP address and port that would publish the appletv interface and that I can access via a web browser ?

Thanks for your help


Are you naming your files properly, per the guide? Metadata 101 – Firecore

If not, then you can rename your files using your laptop and just editing the filenames on the network share. Which is typically what I do. I find that adding the year in brackets helps the most with matching.

Movies use and tv shows use for metadata. I’m not sure where concerts fall into those.

For multiple files as part of a series, I use Advanced Renamer, however it’s only for windows:

You can use the Apple TV remote app from an iPad or iPhone to do all your input. Optionally you’re could also serve you media via plex to infuse. This will allow you to edit everything from your PC via web browser.

Thanks a lot JarvisMeier, I didn’t event think about the Plex option.

Ipad and Iphone I wouldn’t bother trying, as I really want to make it quick with a real keyboard.


Thanks gggplaya

I usually rename files properly (I think) but sometimes it is quicker to put any name there and select the correct concert/movie in the list through Infuse “edit metadata” option.
Foe example, I have this concert named Kiss - Live at UDO Festival Japan, which was never detected no matter what name I used. But strangely enough, if I click to edit metadata and I input “Kiss” in the search box, I see this Kiss - Live at UDO Festival Japan directly in the list.
Much easier than spending time figuring out how to correctly name the file :wink:


As already suggested, the answer to what you ask is Plex Media Server (PMS).
PMS will run on your NAS, Infuse will happily sync and play from it., and above all you will have access to a very powerful media management via a web interface.
Give it a try. There is also the similar Emby but at the moment Infuse doesn’t support it (it’s planned)

Thanks . I know plex as I have been using it (and emby too) a while ago (did not like them too much because of the transcoding part though). I will check again.

Thanks again to you guys for your help ??

You’re in luck. Infuse doesn’t support transcoding with plex! Everything is played direct.

Hmmm… last time I checked, this was not working that well (not using infuse together with plex at the time though).
All my mkv had to be transcoded as soon as subtitles were involved (which Is 95% of the movies I watch).

But that was a long time ago…it might be different today

That is usually a limitation of the plex player. Infuse is unable to leverage the transcoding and renders subtitles on its own. The only thing this integration can’t do is full ISO files. I have a few of those in my collection and access them from a separate folder using SMB (you can mix and match sources with infuse).

If you use text based subtitles instead of graphical ones, Plex does not need to transcode them when you select “Burn Image Only Formats” on the plex client. However, I’m not sure how infuse handles this.

Thanks guys, nice to see people taking the time to answer several times and try to help.
I investigated again on Plex since I saw your answers, but I am already tired at the simple thought of having to set it all up again :wink: :wink:

My current setup is very simple and works quite well, not even really a NAS, simply 2 4TB hard drives connected to an OPenMediaVault server, no issues so far with the setup in itself and it plays everything smoothly.
I am only looking for a simpler way to edit movies/concerts metadata instead of using the awful APpleTV remote.
Any keyboard that could work with the Apple TV for example ?

I keep an Anker A7726 handy and it works flawlessly with the ATV. Cheep too.

Well thanks.
I will check for such a bluetooth KB. I saw a VicTsing one on (I am in France) for 16€, might do the trick.