Access via Apple Remote and streaming audio erratic


I am running latest Apple software on 1st gen silver AppleTV (40GB). I am running the latest ATVFlash and the latest Apple remote app

Since upgrading to the latest versions I am seeing erratic behaviour.

For example:

1) IN Apple Remote it seems to take much longer (eg sometimes a minute or two) to start playing music that is streamed to an Airport Express

2) Apple Remote continually has issues connecting to the AppleTV, it says something to the effect of "can't find the Library". Sporadicaly it seems to come back online

3) Apple TV has a black screen and is non-respondant from time to time, I have to "reboot" it by taking the power out.


These seem to be wireless network related issues, however I have not changed the Wireless (Airport extreme) setup, nor have I had a ny new devices in the house that may be interferring with the network.


A few weeks ago, I removed ATVFlash from the AppleTV and eveything seemed to be working really well. I left it like that for a week. So Apple TV in it's "natural" form was working well.


I then re-installed ATV Flash and the issues have come back.


Any ideas, pls?