Access token has been revoked

I have just tried to access my onedrive library and received a message saying “oops! Infuse is no longer able to access your account since the access token has been revoked”
Is there any way to refresh the token? or do i need to setup the cloud library again?


Your best bet would be to re-add the OneDrive share.

Hi James,
I have this same issue, and it seems to reoccur every 30 days or perhaps 6 weeks. Re-adding the OneDrive share and removing the old one does work, but it means the library needs to be rescanned and we lose our places in our shows and movies.
Is there an alternative? Thanks.

Same here.
Where is the answer?

Unfortunately, OneDrive has a silly rule that requires you to log in via an app at least once every two weeks. If you don’t do this, the connection is revoked and you need to set it up from scratch.

The same with gdrive or dropbox?
Why are all favs deleted? When nas was offline, the favs still exists.
But now i had to add everything new.

Can anybody answer this?
Will i have the sames Problems with Dropbox ore gdrive?

This behavior is specific to OneDrive, and will not be present if using Dropbox or Google Drive.

I downloaded Infuse on Friday (2 days ago), logged in with my Google Account shortly after and I just opened the app to the same “access token has been revoked”

I don’t think it’s related to any specific service.

Same issue. Not using OneDrive. Can’t get beyond this error message. On trial for Infuse. If not resolved, unfortunately will cancel subscription.

If you have a chance, can you send in a report from your device so we can look into this further?

This is not true; this is exactly what I’m experiencing with Dropbox.

Have you tried to re-add the Dropbox share?

It’s impossible to re-add because the indexing fails (despite the fact that Dropbox shows that Infuse is a connected app). So now, not only is it impossible to use the app on either device that I use it on, I’ve probably completely lost track all of which files I have watched and which ones I haven’t.

And the original comment I was responding to was that the token getting revoked was not a problem for users syncing their library through Dropbox.

You can’t delete the share and re add it?

As to the comment about dropbox, I don’t use it but isn’t it possible that Dropbox has changed something that would cause this? It’s happened before with other outside services. They change things and it takes a bit to catch up again.

Now re-adding it just worked, and all of my watching progress has completely vanished (which I would say is far worse than the problem that I was previously having).