Access to SMB --> reboot

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to use all the promised features of the mediaplayer.

Before release 0,7 I was - for a short time -  able to access my NAS shares, but this is not possible anymore since releas 0.7 of mediaplayer.

I can access my shared directories on my PC, but when I try to access any of my NAS drives the ATV2 reboots.


What does work:

Media - Settings - Manage Shares, lets me add my three NAS systems. When I test the connection the response is; passed


What does NOT work:

Media - My Files, lets me access the NAS Volume (I can actually see the shared folders). I cannot access any of those folders in which my videofiles are placed. My ATV reboots when I try to do so.


What does work as well:

I installed XBMC. Via XBMC I can access all NAS systems and shared folders.


I use:




Does anyone have a suggestion what to do, or what may be wrong?

Would you mind sending in a bug report so we can look into what’s going on?

Done. I’ve sent a report / log to Firecore.

I noticed the problem has to do with folder size. empty shares / folders can be accessed. Small folders can be accessed as well.
I don’t know at what size the problem exactly occurs.

I have certainly got some folders which themselves contain several hundred other folders and they all work OK, so the limit cannot be that low.

Yikes!  This mimics my own problem.  But I have thousands of movies and Tv shows.  My folders are huge.  Do I have to break them down into smaller chunks?  What is the size limit?

Do you happen to have a lot of photos in these folders?

Would you mind sending in a bug report?


Yes, I have many photos on the two folders on this external drive.  They are JPG cover art and posters.  What is strange is that I can’t even see the folders.  It crashes when I just select the drive itself, before it opens and displays any folders.  There are no files except within the two folders (Movies and TV).


The RC1 update did not solve the problem… Unfortunately.

I will give a more detailed example of the access problem I’m experiencing.


In my first NAS, I’ve got two harddrives. Volume_1 and Volume_2.

Volume_1 has a couple of shares. One of them is called Movies - HD1. Within this share are some folders: Movies 0 - 9, Movies A - F, Movies G - I. Within these folders are the movies, each in a separate folder. Each movie is in ISO, MKV, M2TS or AVI format. And each movie has an about,jpg and a folder.jpg file (needed for my Mede8er).

Volume_2 has a couple of shares. Among them are Movies - HD2 and Music. Within the Movies - HD2 share are some folders: Movies J - L, Movies M - O. In the Music share are more than hundred folders with music albums.

On my ATV2 it is possible access Volume_1. I am able to see the share Movies - HD1. But when I try to connect to Movies - HD1, my ATV2 says “loading (the wheel is spinning for about 20 secs)” and finally reboots.

The same goes for Volume_2, except that I cannot access Movies - HD2, but can connect to the Music share and the folders within that share.

On my second NAS, there are two harddisks in Raid1. On this NAS is my photo collection. On this NAS is a share named Photos. Within this share are folders per year and in this folder are folders with such as “summer vacation, birthday”. I am able to acces the share Photos and the “year” folders. So I can actually see all the events (vacation, birthdays). But as soon as I want to access them, I sometimes succeed and sometimes don’t. For some folders it takes a long time, and my ATV2 says “low on memory”, before I gain access to that particular folder.

Long story I know, but I’m really desperate… I see all the beautifull things of Firecore passing by and I cannot use them

I hope that the firecore team will figure things out (especially because XBMC is working…)



Edit: I even did a “fresh” install. Reinstalled jailbroken iOS4.3, installed aTVFlash RC1, configured everything installed Mediaplayer. No difference

We’ve tracked down and solved the browsing issue where a crash would occur if folder with more than about 50 images was loaded. A new version that includes this fix and a number of other additions will be available next week.

Hi James,


I hope that this will bring the long awaited solution. In my case by the way, I don’t have pictures directly in the shares that I try to access, but in the folders of subfolders within that share.

This is what I mean:

Share: Movies - HD1

  • Folder: Movies 0 - 9,

                 Subfolder: 500 days of Summer

                 File:     500_days_of_summer.mkv

                 File:     about.jpg

                 File:     folder.jpg

    So maybe ATV "chokes" in the process of collecting data from folders and subfolders as well.

Hmm - yours may be a different issue. I pulled up your support ticket here and added these notes to it so hopefully we can track down what’s going on.


I have a similar/same problem - posted here if it helps…don’t know how to post a log though

I figured out what causes my problem.

My shares contain a folder that cannot be processed correctly by the mediaplayer software.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, each share (for example Movies - HD1) contains a couple of folders. Among them are moviefolders and musicfolder, but… also a folder called “jukebox”. I need this jukebox folder because of the HDX1000 mediaplayer in my daughters bedroom. These folders hold about 175 - 200MB with jpg, png, xml, jps and html files. These files are processed by HDX1000 to create the moviewall.

When I temporary remove this jukeboxfolder, I am able to access the share and the moviefolders.

It might help me a lot if it were possible to point directly to a folder on a share. Maybe this can be added under “manage shares” in the “Settings” menu? This way you prevent ATV2 from checking the contents all of the folders.

Edit: I found a way to work around my problem. First I temporary delete the problematic folder (jukebox). Then I am able to access the shares and folders and now I can add my moviefolders to “favourites”. When done, I put back the problematic folder. Now I am able to select my moviefolders from frontrow “Media”. Finally. :) There’s one small downside, that I have a lot of favourites… instead of just adding the shares to favourites, I now have a lot of folders added.

Unfortunately does the most recent update (MP 0.9.4.) not work on my ATV. After a lot of trial and error I got the previous version working (it crashed when entering a share with moviefolders and folders that included many jpg files. I finally found a work around : see previous post), after installing this update my ATV crashes as soon as I enter a movie folder.

To be more precise: I access my share, enter the folder with lots of moviefolders in it. The moviegrid is shown allright. But when I select a moviefolder I see the files within it for a couple of seconds (about.jpg, folder.jpg and movieXYZ,mkv). Than my ATV reboots. :frowning: This is the case with moviefolders only, not with my photo folders.

So I’m back to were I was some days ago…I cannot use my ATV / Mediaplayer but have to stick to XBMC.

Just upgraded to latest MP and i can now see my files but instantly reboots. I am connecting to a WD Media Player that has a 1TB drive and has about 177 movie file each with 2 JPEG files for each movie,

Looks like the new MP did not resolve this issue.

For those still having trouble, please send in a bug report and we will track down what’s going on.

Sorry for the trouble.



as requested I’ve sent a support ticket / bug report, and posted my logfile.




I found out what causes my reboot problem after upgrading to MP 0.9.4.!!

As I mentioned before, I use a mede8er and a HDX1000 in my network. To generate artwork for the moviewall of those mediaplayers I use YAMJ / YAMJ_to_Mede8er. These tools create several jpg’s BUT… they also create a XML file. These files are stored all together in the moviefolder.  In this XML file some (temporary?) moviedata is stored (like: plot, ouline, actors, genre, etc). I discoverd that when I remove this XML file from my folders, the ATV/Mediaplayer does not reboot anymore.

Fortunately I don’t need these XML files, so I have to delete them from my moviefolders. That shouldn’t by the biggest problem :wink:
Maybe it’s easy for you to fix this. It will make my life a bit easier, so I don’t have to delete XML files anymore after generating artwork… If it’s complicated, you can leave it the way it is.

I put in a ticket regarding this issue as well. My share is on a Win7 box, about 165 movies (ts, mkv, avi, and iso) and it reboots when accessing My Files or going directly to the Movies favorite.