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It would be great to access using the couch surfer app. However, so far I only get the message that I need to install a flash player. Is there any workaround already available?

Unfortunately there is not an iOS compatible version of Adobe Flash available.

Hi James,

Lovefilm doesn’t use Adobe Flash, it uses Silverlight. Would be great if aTV black had Lovefilm capability included:

What are the minimum system requirements to watch a film online?

A compatible browser, with JavaScript and Silverlight enabled, including the latest version of: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera

Silverlight version 4.0 or higher: You may be asked to install the latest version of the Microsoft Silverlight Player in order to watch titles online on our website. You can click here to install the latest version of Silverlight directly from Microsoft.

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS 10.3+

RAM: 512MB




There is no version os Silverlight for iOS either!

Thanks but…


BBC Iplayer uses Adobe Flash and that works (very well) via the aTV Black Couch Surfer browser so if the aTV Black browser supports iPlayer why coudn’t it be setup to suppprt lovefilm?



I think you will find it doesnt work via Couch Surfer, or at least it didnt when I tried it last. You can get to the site, but cant play anything.

The BBC i{player only uses Flash if playing on a PC.  On an iOS system it uses h264 encoded video.  




BBC iPlayer definitely works via the Couch Surfer browser, to be sure I have just checked again and watched a program (first few minutes)…




Now there is an iPad app for Lovefilm, so something have changed :slight_smile: (at Lovefilm)