Access subtitle menu

I have Apple tv 4k (previous one) but the new Apple remote.

How do I access the subtitle menu to sync them?
The website says press on the start button ( i assume it means the main button) to bring up the menu but it does nothing of the sort.
Swiping down reveals menu options that include subtitles but there is no option to change the sync.
Has this option gone?
The subs are embedded srt files in an mkv container. I can change their sync onmy other devices.


It’s still there for ones that can be adjusted, but as noted in the users guide here

they may fall into this category. “Some subtitle formats included embedded styles or are graphic-based and may have limited adjustment options.”

As mentioned in the post they are embedded srt (text) files.

Being embedded may be the reason Infuse can’t adjust them. Have you tried downloading the equivalent srt external subs and see if they have the sync adjust available?

Seems you are right. Trying another vid with external subs and the time offset is available. Darn, I might have to go back to using my popcorn hour.

This should work though. They are a separate track in the mkv file and my other media player, and other sw players can time shift them, so I think it is an infuse issue.

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