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The ability to pin the Plex Watchlist to the Home Screen is available in today’s 7.7.2 update. :slightly_smiling_face:

@james It’s great that this has been included, but there’s a few issues based on an initial look.

If you have multiple versions of a title in your Plex library (e.g. 1080p and 4K), Infuse only shows one of these in the watchlist with no way to switch to the other (or no way of even knowing there is another version). In my case nearly all of them show the 1080p version (although one is showing the 4K version, so not sure how it’s choosing).

If you want to watch the version that Infuse isn’t displaying, the only way to do it is to search the title and select the correct version from there. For me, this unfortunately negates most of the convenience the watchlist offers.

This is a big issue for anyone with multiple versions of titles in their Plex libraries, of whom I’m sure there are many. Admittedly, it’s not an issue for those who only have one version of each title.

No way to add or remove items from the watchlist from within Infuse.

When you’ve watched the last available episode of a watchlisted TV show, the show it is still displayed in the watchlist. In the Plex app it disappears from the watchlist and doesn’t reappear until a new episode is added to your Plex library.


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Unable to display the watchlist

Only one film or show can be displayed

By chance, do the missing videos contain “Edition” tags in Plex, or are they titles from streaming services, such as “On Plex” or Apple TV+?

The issue with missing items which contain Edition tags is a bug we are looking into.

No they are Nas resources mounted through Plex. No edition tag

@james Not sure if you were asking me or @Jinxinjie.

For me the missing versions are all stored on the Plex Media Server (not “On Plex” streaming, or Apple TV+, etc). They don’t have Plex “Edition” tags either.

As mentioned, I can find and play the missing versions in Infuse by searching, they just aren’t available via the Watchlist.

For me it’s just when there are multiple versions (e.g. 1080p & 4K) that it only shows one of them.

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