Access my HDD in Media Player, or even files on my Mac

Hi all…Non-techie here and BRAND NEW to ATV2, jailbreaking, and FireCore, but usually pretty good at following instructions.  I got my ATV2 jailbroken successfully, but having a hell of a time accessing any files on my Mac and portable harddrive.

Question…I keep all my movies (mostly avi) on a hard drive.  Keeping the harddrive plugged into my MacBook (I know I cant plug it into my ATV2), can I access those movie files using Media>My Files?

I think the most complicated/difficult to understand part is the Manage Shares (again, not all that techie).  And I think I am somehow screwing this part up.  I see and can access my MacBook, but can’t get to media folders or the harddrive (if thats possible).  Again, I dont keep movies on my Mac, I keep em all on the harddrive to avoid using up space.

Suggestions?  Help, please!!!  I am sure this is probably the most basic part when it comes to this process, but for some reason I can’t get beyond this point…Just wanting to get to the movie files on my portable harddrive.

Thanks in advance for any help…

To share an external drive you will want to ensure the drive is listed in the ‘Shared Folders’ section of the File Sharing menu. To add your drive simply drag it into the list.

Screenshot below.