Access iTunes Library on NAS

My current setup is that I have my entire iTunes Music folder on my ReadyNAS. It about 3TB of Music/Movies/TV Shows. I would like to simply point the AppleTV to this and still use the native AppleTV interface to navigate without my computer turned on. Is this possible? or do I have to use the ATVFlash applications to navigate?


While you could access this content via nitoTV by setting up a share point, the native AppleTV interface is not able to access media located on a NAS device.

If you don’t want to have your computer running, then mount the NAS as a shared drive on your AppleTV using NitoTV and then use one of the other file managers that atvflash installs to view the content (Sapphire, NitoTV, Files, XBMC, etc).

This, in my experience, is incorrect. I have all of my iTunes media on a NAS. You can put your entire iTunes library on the NAS and point to it in iTunes by holding down the option key when iTunes starts.

The NAS iTunes library syncs perfectly with my AppleTV. All my iTunes media is available on my AppleTV (iPhone apps excepted, of course :slight_smile: )

I think guardianmax meant that if you have the NAS mounted as a shared drive on the AppleTV, then it will not be recognized via the Movies or TV Shows section. What you are talking about is pointing your iTunes library on your computer to the NAS, which will work perfectly fine and sync media to your AppleTV since it’s being synced to the AppleTV via iTunes on your computer vs direct from the NAS.

Correct. While an iTunes library can be stored on a NAS device, the AppleTV’s primary storage must be the internal or a directly attached external drive.