Access Infuse remotely


I use a Synology NAS DS216J at home with all my movies and tv shows in it.

In a local network, Infuse works perfectly with my Ipad, Iphone and Apple TV 4.

My problem is that i’d like to access my files when i’m away from home via cellular or other Wifi.

I’ve been reading so many topics about it on the web but i still don’t understand how to setup the connexion between the NAS and Infuse.

Can somebody help me with this? I though it was easy but i don’t understand anything in the process :frowning:

Thanks for you help.


What I did was setup a VPN on my Synology (VPN Server package). I then connect to the VPN on my iPhone/iPad while I’m out and away from the house when I’m using Infuse and it works great.

Thanks for your help, can you tell me what setup you made in the VPN sever package and in Infuse to make to work?

You don’t need to do anything with Infuse to make it work, except set it up like normal while you’re at home on your WiFi. For the Synology and your iPhone for VPN, set up a L2TP VPN.

thanks, i will try this when back at home!

Hello I would like to know the configuration of infused pro to be able to play videos on my iPhone remotely on a wd mycloud cloud

If you have a Synology, you could download DS File (the Synology iOS app). That lets you browse your Synology remotely and open the files, giving you the option of Infuse as a player. Worth a try.

Or setup a WebDAV protocol directly on infuse.

just put the adress IP of your router and the port you want (5005 in my cas).
Don’t forget to open that port on you rrouter and it should work.
It works perfectly on my IOS devices