Access files from local network

Can I access the files from my TimeCapsule with infuse?

Not yet, but NAS streaming is one of the biggest things we’re currently working on, and should be avialable this coming fall.

Thats great news.  Currently I’m using the app “Goodplayer” which has a few issues in terms of interface/usability.  Hopefully you guys can do it up Firecore style!  This is seriously the ONLY reason I have AppleTV/Infuse and would use an app.  I’ve got a few terabytes of videos on a NAS now… our home media library of downloads, ripped DVDs and other .avi, .mp4, .mkv files – all sorted into folders (kids, full movies, animation, tv shows, etc.).  Annoyed as hell that nothing Apple releases allows me to play these on my devices.  Its also very important that I can just browse the NAS folder and hit play… ie: not download a video to my ipad or phone.

Can’t wait to see what you have for us.