Access Extras / Featurettes / Trailers / etc?

How do I access Extras (Featurettes, Deleted Scenes, Making of …, Trailers, etc) using the Plex Client?

I don’t see any of the Extras files anywhere in the Infuse Plex Client.

My file structure is from Plex. Am I overlooking an interface element, or do I need to arrange my file structure differently?

  /Avatar (2009)
      Avatar (2009).mkv
      /Behind The Scenes
            Performance Capture.mkv
      /Deleted Scenes
            Bar Fight.mkv
            Sigourney Weaver.mkv
            Theatrical Trailer.mkv

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Discuss feature here.


I don’t believe Infuse supports these plex extras.

I was afraid of that. But they are just mkv files so Infuse can play them. I could put them at the top level of the Movies folder, but then I would have hundreds of Extra’s videos mixed in with the actual movie files. What a mess that would be.

Is there no way for Infuse to group together the Extra’s for a movie and associate them in the Infuse human interface with that particular movie? There is an Other folder that has nothing in it. Is that where the Extras are supposed to show up grouped by the associated movie title? How do you get titles to show up in the Other folder?

Also there are 2 Movies folders in the Infuse Favorites line. One has a Projector icon and one has a Star icon. They both contain exactly the same list of movie titles that appear in the ATV Plex app. Why are there 2 duplicate Movies folders in the Infuse app?

Sorry, new Infuse user here, and I’m not finding the interface intuitive.

In regards to the two favorites for the same thing, this will save me retyping things :wink: Favourite items duplicated - #3 by NC_Bullseye See if that helps and if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks, that got rid of the duplicate Movies folder, which I guess was automatically added when I enabled streaming from Plex?

So what is the answer to my much more important question above? How do I access the Extra’s associated with each movie title? Do I need a different folder structure than what Plex uses?

As said above, currently Infuse doesn’t have a way to associate additional files with a movie. Infuse will try to match the files to movies and or TV shows depending on how the video file itself is named. It doesn’t associate the file with the folder it’s in so you could defiantly end up with a lot of mismatches. I don’t use plex and never have so I couldn’t tell you how to arrange them. I would move them to a directory that isn’t used by infuse for now to avoid having the extra files show up as duplicates of the original movie or even some other movie entirely.

Also, you can add your support to a thread already running on this topic here Extra Movie features and that may help get the feature added sometime in the future.

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Wow, that’s a terrible omission for Infuse. Since each movie has 0 (rarely) to 10 or more “Extras” you simply can’t have them all appear in the same list as the movies. i.e. the Extra’s must be associated somehow with the movie they were included with. I don’t know what you mean by “Infuse will try to match the files to the movies …”. If they were somehow “matched” by name similarity what does Infuse do with that matching? If they can’t then be accessed from the movie they are matched to, what is the purpose of matching? Does the movie list then provide a tree structure with the Extras under the film titles, or something similar?

If the Extras are organized as subfolders (per Plex) they don’t show up at all in Infuse. So there is no problem with them showing up as duplicates of movies.

Again, adding your support to the suggestion will go toward gaining the feature you’re asking for.

When I said match to movie if the additional file happens to have the movie name as part of the file name it could show up as an second or third copy of the movie so you’d end up with multiple copies of one movie and not a single movie and associated files.

As to being an “omission” many people do not use additional files with movies and don’t have an interest in it.

Thanks, obviously I hadn’t seen that thread, so I will add to it. This is a serious feature omission. I need Infuse to support 24p streaming of HD-DVDs and DVDs from a Plex server, else the lack of that feature would drive me back to Plex (or other). I guess the “workaround” for this issue will be to use the Plex Client app to access and play the Extras, and use Infuse to play the main movie titles.

I don’t doubt that at all. A lot people don’t care about the quality of the video they watch either. But since video quality is paramount to me, I will use Infuse and wait for it to address the Extra’s issue eventually. In the mean time, I can use the Plex app to watch the Extra’s. Thanks for your help.

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