Access External Hard Drive via FTP (cyberduck)

I want to move towards pushing all my files to the external hard drive connected through the ATV but would like to do so wirelessly via FTP (cyberduck). Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

When connected via FTP the external drive will be accessible inside the ‘Movies’ folder.

When I try to FTP to the Movies folder the files end up on the internal drive and not the external primary drive. What do ineed to know to fix this?

If you view the contents of the Movies folder you should see a folder with the same name as your external drive. Files placed in this folder will be stored on the external drive.

I’m using an ext HD in secondary mode. When using CyberDuck I can see the HD in the movies list but I can not access it which means I can’t see the files in it nor can I move any files to it.

Is this because I am using it in secondary mode?

exactly the same problem - this did work. Perhaps it cyberduck

Please advise.

thx M

I was able to access my external in the movies section, it showed up as a folder and I just dragged movies onto it and it worked great… Now its not working at all its showing up like its a shortcut with a blank page logo with the shortcut arrow in the bottom left.


Is your drive being connected before or after the AppleTV is powered on?

Hello all…

Also wondering if anyone else has encountered the “HD shortcut” icons within “Movies”
folder in Cyberduck.
I couldn’t be happier with atv Flash features; this is my last roadblock,
or perhaps I should call it a speedbump.

I would love to use Cyberduck to add content to my external Western Digital 1TB HD,
but within the “Movies” folder, all I see is a shortcut icon with my external’s name, no dedicated folder.
I have to unplug it from atv USB, connect it to MacBook to add content and then reconnect it to atv.

Any help to make my Mac world a perfect one is greatly appreciated in advance…


You may try connecting the drive after the AppleTV is powered on.

guardianmax wrote:
You may try connecting the drive after the AppleTV is powered on.

Well… it was worth a try, but still no luck.

Many thanks for your reply, guardianmax.

Bump, people please advise… Still having this issue. Not sure what to do…

I have the same drive, and this happens from time to time.

Try deleting the shortcut to your drive (and I assume there is another shortcut for “WD Smartware”, delete that too), then reconnect the drive after the AppleTV is powered up.

good suggestion, I’ll give that a try…

the shortcut is no longer there and has not been replaced with a new shortcut or a folder…

I had this very problem of the external drive showing as a shortcut in Cyberduckie and unable to open it and access files, my work around was to download Fugu ftp client, Fugu still shows the external drive as a shortcut but when you double click on the shortcut it opens the external drive. :mrgreen:

I encountered the identical experience, only with the Fetch program.

When double-clicking on external HD shortcut in Cyberduck, no dice.
Double-clicking on external HD shortcut in Fetch shows all content, including sub-folders.

Good luck to all, and thanks again for all the input!

i think it’s Cyberduck… very odd as it have been a good tool in the past.
I have now moved back to Filezilla [free] - all good and working as expected.

I use Cyberduck to connect to AppleTV.local via SFTP. Then I find my external hard drive by navigating to /volumes/MediaHD/External Media. This path was set up automatically for me after I opted for AppleTV to use an external drive for storage.

[attachment=0]External Media.png[/attachment]

Of course, your path to the external files may be different from my path.