Access External Folders set as Favorite on IPad /IOS on AppleTv

Morning y’all. I just discovered te option to selecte certain folders when going to Add Files on iPad or IOS. It has successfully allotted the availability of folders on iCloud Drive. Works like a charm on those device. I’d like to how to access the files,borders, media and such on the AppleTV o had thought I have seen this being simalaty as the process of accessing Cloud Storages on ghe AppleTV by linking the folder a favorite and such. It’s been working for photos and videos in my Photo Library. BTW I use about 3 other alternatives to Files App while it’s been mostly complimentary to the and hope Apple here’s this


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Back to the subject, is there something I may be overlooking in order to see the folders I selected on my iPad/iOS to provide media to not display on on TVOS. Alternatively if I may be doing incorrect to yhe get the outcome I’m looking for. Now that K think about this can all be solved by moving those respects files to another cloud storage I of course I use in addition Lu but just wanted to ask if there is way. Paying for a measly but very resourceful 2TB as opposed to the ones so don’t pay for and the more sophisticate and powerful ones that just blew my mind (OMG have y’all seen put.up or premiumize. :grin:DAFUG :unicorn:) just shot my shot. Virgo and love love details thank you for reading this or skimming or whawha woopdiwoo. To each there own and I clearly have an abundance of times to be including memes in my quarries. Y’all stay safe and healthy. Thanks again.


This is not possible on Apple TV. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sadly, Apple doesn’t currently allow for direct streaming of files in iCloud. Accessing this files in Infuse for iOS is possible though a native integration with the iOS Files app, but there is no such app for Apple TV (at least right now).

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Thank you.

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