Access & export metadata

Hello togehter,

it would be great to get a list of all movies and series, so i can export the list (with infos like duration, resolution, soundinfos of every item etc…) in XML or JSON format. With that infos, i can better manage my library. For example i can write a little script to search movies and get some infos…

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This isn’t available right now, but I’m going to move this over to the suggestions area.

Hi, James
is this feature requeriment already scheduled in the roadmap?

Given the issue we had over the past days with thetvdb, I think could be nice to be able to export the existing metadata from the cloud to storeit locally in the NAS. in that way even we could safely deactivate the automatic retrieving metadata and instead use it locally.



I’m still waiting for this feature. And that couldn’t be a problem. So why is that not possible?

I would like to support this as well! This would be especially helpful for large libraries. Having to index them is a pain as the app needs to be running or the TV needs to be on.