Access denied! macOS upgrade? new hard drive?

I once used Plex on my AppleTV to connect to my external hard drive connected to my iMac with video content on it. Then I changed to use Infuse, and I upgraded to Infuse Pro. Then I upgraded my Mac to Catalina and I also went from a 4TB to 10TB hard drive. All the files are copied over. I’ve got both the whole hard drive and the specific folder on that drive shared, but on my AppleTV whenever I try to look at anything I get “Ø An error occured. Access denied.” I checked from Infuse on my iPhone and I get the same thing. I don’t know what to do to get back connected. Using macOS 10.15.7, tvOS 14.3, iOS 14.3, Infuse Pro 6.5.6.

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First, do a get info on the new hard drive and make sure you have the share disk box checked. Next, some of the new OS updates did some strangeness to sharing so some have found that if you turn off sharing in the Mac preferences and then back on that fixed the problems for many.

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Following this thread Not able to read files from MacOS Catalina got me a solution, though exactly why it works I am not sure. In System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing > Options it works if I have SMB checked and fails if I also have AFP checked. I have no idea whether I needed AFP for anything else. Fingers crossed, I guess. Anyway I have Infuse Pro working again.

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