"Access Denied" Every few hours

I use Infuse on all my devices (Mac, iOS and Apple TV).

All of my files are stored locally on my Mac’s internal drive.

I added a “Network Share” instead of a “Local Share” so that my other devices can also access the Movies and TV shows as well as my Mac.

The problem is that every few hours, sometimes every couple of days, I get the “An Error Occurred - Access Denied” message when trying to access the movies on either my Mac or my other devices.

Then I have to go to System Preferences:
-Disable File Sharing
-Re-Enable File Sharing again

Once I do the above, everything works normally again.

I have both “Share using SMB” and “Windows File Sharing - User” turned On.

I am currently still on macOS Monterey (12.1).

I saw a few posts on here that describe this issue but I think those date back to beta versions of Big Sur or something like that.

Any help or useful information pointing me in the right direction would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot!

What model mac and what do you have set for your energy saver preferences?

I am on a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina and the following are my energy settings:

-All settings Off (settings for maximum performance and nothing goes to sleep or is dimmed)

Power Adapter:
-Wake for Network Access - On
-Prevent your Mac from Sleeping when display is off - Set to On
(settings also for maximum performance)

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, I didn’t think of the possibility it could be related to energy settings.

Do older macs miss a setting/feature that could cause this error to occur?

if anyone has any other ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks

One other thought, what level access does your infuse password on the macbook have? admin, user, read only, etc?

Thanks a lot for the thought, how would I go about finding out what clearance specifically Infuse has?

Thanks again

I don’t recall if Monterey had the same setting screens as Ventura but under system settings look for a Users and Groups window. That should show you the users you have set up for your Mac. If you’re using the admin I’d suggest creating a new user for Infuse and if you don’t use the file management aspect of Infuse set the new Infuse user as a “read only” access then see if that makes a difference.

Oh yeah the User is setup as Admin and Infuse is within that profile.

I’ll give that a try in any case. thanks a lot for the tip.

Have you seen cases where a user would have to setup a static IP for their host mac? Or is that most likely not the case?

Thanks again

That makes me think of another thing to check. When you set up the share, do you use the network name like “mac.local” or do you use an IP address like 198.162.xxx?

This could be depending on your answers to my post above. :wink:

It’s “Mac.local” as I assumed it would dynamically adjust the IP address with Bonjour? From your experience is setting a static IP better and adding that to Infuse? Or is the norm with Infuse users to keep it as “Mac.local”? Thanks a lot

Even though it’s a pain, it wouldn’t hurt to try setting a static IP for the mac.

Are you using SMB?

I gave up the battle hosting files from a mac and went with a NAS. Since then it’s been rock solid. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear but for me it was the solution to battles like yours.

Yeah on SMB and Windows File sharing on as well.

That’s actually great advice! I didn’t think going with a NAS would make a difference with something like this but I might actually just do that. If after upgrading to one of the upcoming M3’s with the latest OS, these issues keep persisting I think NAS will be the way to go. Is there any specific model you’re using or are most happy with?

Thank you very much for all your help and input in this matter, I really appreciate it!

I went with the Synology 920+. Once it was set up and populated with drives it’s been zero issues of any consequence.

Thanks a lot @NC_Bullseye for all your help with this, much appreciated. Will look into the Synology!