Access ATV via FTP from a different location?

Hi I’m new to Apple TV and just getting to grips with aTV Flash.

I can access the atv via ftp and transfer files locally when I am on the same network, but what I want to know is, can you access the Apple TV via FTP from a remote location? So I can update movies on the move??


Ofcourse you can, you just need to set up a port forward in the router pointing to the AppleTV IP.

This is however not recommended from a security perspective, since FTP sends the User/Pass in clear text when logging in.

The recommended way to do this is to use SSH/SCP instead. SSH is encrypting all data on the fly. Same thing here, for SSH you need to do a port forward in the router to the AppleTV IP.

To then transfer your data, instead of using an FTP-client, you use an SCP-client. For windows, you can use WinSCP, for mac you can use muCommander, for Linux you can use Gnome-commander.

Thanks for the help.

I looked on Port Forward, but when selecting the appropriate Router, I could not find the details for an Apple TV.

Am I missing something? If anyone has any more details on this please let me know.


You should not look at the gadget, but rather the application server you will be running. So if you will be running openSSH on the AppleTV, SSH is what you look for when doing your port forward.