Accelerated the lis of movie

Hi i have atv2 5.2.1 with infuse everything work fine … i have 2/3 questions … when i lunch infuse my list of movie ( 180 movie in 720p ) the waiting during 1 min why ?.. possible to accélerated the creation of list ? why you don’t create a small DataBase for no reload a esch time a scan ?..



Are you using the built-in library feature, or just browsing the share’s files?

Browsing in the library will be very fast as the information is cached, though when browsing file directories the loading time will depend on the number of files in the folder you’re attempting to view.

Hope this helps.

Thanks but when i use this function (USE library) it’s mix (serie and movie) i have a Nas (Synology) with 1 folder with all my movies and 1 folder with all my series … (I sort Only One movie are in Folder with a poster.jpg and for serie One folder for series and inside thos folder there a poster.jpg for serie and folders for each seasons …) IN infuse when i chosse my movie folder and my serie folder infuse mix and i have movie in serie and serie in movie … :confused: