AC3 Audio through Infuse or XBMC not working



I have an ATV2 with latest seasonpass and firecore and have a problem getting AC3 audio passthrough to my Sonos Playbar.

I can play films in Netflix on my ATV2 and have verified Dolby Digital 5.1

I can play a file on my Lacie Media Player and have verified Dolby Digital 5.1

When I play the same file in Infuse or XBMC I get 2 clicks and then no sound. I’ve tried every combination of passthrough settings with no joy. I can play the file in Stereo by disabling passthrough but I’d like to get this working from either Infuse and/or XBMC

Any help would be appreciated - I’ve trawled through here and XBMC forums with no joy




Still having trouble here.


Is there any way I can gather debug info for infuse to try to figure out what’s going on?