Absolute Beginner ... Questions about the Library layout and more

Hi all,

so far I’m streaming from my Synology NAS using an Android Box where Kodi is running…

I’m an Apple Fanboy… I’m about to purchase an ATV 4K only because now I can stream using Infuse. I had an ATV 2 ages ago… kicked it out bc I couldn’t stream from my NAS.

I have to compare with my Kodi setup… and the first test on my iPad Pro makes me wonder:
I want to differentiate between my favourites… I have organized my NAS using foldernames like ‘New Stuff’, ‘TV Series’, ‘Kids’ etc… is there a library layout I can have the same structure ? I wouldn’t like to have everything on my frontpage with just ‘newly added’ as the only distinction !

I like the Collection Layout in Kodi… Let’s say you have Mission Impossible 1 - 6… in Infuse it seems like you need to order them into a folder (where the artwork is missing) otherwise the individual movies will be listed randomly acc to your sorting preference… is this correct ?

Is the Infuse license limited to a single device ? I have an iPad and an ATV to start with :wink:

There’ll probably be many more questions while my testing progresses.

Many thanks for any input.

Welcome to the forum!

You have a few options for browsing videos: via folders, and via library.

Library will smartly organize all your content together, so you can view videos from multiple sources in one single area. To use this, you would simply select one or more Favorites to be included in the Library via the Settings > Library menu. More info on doing this can be found here. Library 101 – Firecore

Additionally, you can also browse videos via favorite folders. Favorites can be added by browsing your share via Settings > Shares, and these will appear directly on the Apple TV home screen. Of course, you can use both library and folders to set up a browsing method that suites your needs.

With regard to collections, Infuse will group similar items into collections as well. These can be accessed via the Library > Movies > All Movies or Library > Movies > Collections sections.

Lastly, a single purchase can be used on all your devices, and a bit more info on how this works can be found here. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Hope this helps!

Hi James,
many thanks for your help… I went through the manuals… however:
I mixed things up when I said I have folders named like eg. ‘New Stuff’, I have a Share ‘New Stuff’ where I put new movies into a folder with their respective names. This new stuff consists of various Genres and I don’t have a top folder ‘New Stuff’… Can I create a favourite that only contains things from this share ?

Collections… I found them, but in my Library Layout the individual movies are shown acc to their names unrelated to the collection they belong to.
It would be cool to have the ability to create custom smart lists where you could define certain conditions like location (eg path) etc…


From the main screen go to the gear (settings) at the top right and scroll down to “Collections”

When “on”, you movies will show up as the collections in the “All movies” and other sorts.

When “off”, your movies will show as individual movies according to name except for the library > Movies > Collections which as the name implies will show all of your collections.

I personally leave “Collections” off in the settings so I can see individual movies unless I’m looking for a collection and then I just use the “Collections” library choice.

And to your other question, yes you can create a favorite from any level folder in your share.

Perfect… I’ll give it a try…

Many thanks