About tone mapping


Question for you. I have Plex and a lot of 4k/HDR remux files of my disks library. I want to connect an Apple TV 4K (not the last one with the new remote, the previous one) on my old 1080p TV.

Question is, will I be able to watch my 4K files without transcoding on my 1080p and have tone mapping since it’s SDR?

In other word, will Infuse be able to use the h265 hardware acceleration of the ATV4K (so I don’t have any transcoding) and output it at 1080p with tone mapping for correct colors?

Right now this TV has an Apple TV 3rd gen (1080p) and since it doesn’t have hardware acceleration for 4k, it’s not working well.


Yes infuse does do HDR → SDR tone mapping so as long as you get a 4K Apple TV you should be good.


FYI, it works very well!


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