About swapping external hard drives on a NAS (for Infuse use)

I created my own “NAS” using an Intel NUC running Windows 10 and sharing an external hard drive placed in a dock connected via USB.

I would like to be able to swap out hard drives into the “NAS” and have Infuse show the updated titles in the currently loaded drive. The idea here is that I have an unlimited library in general, where I need to view only one drive at a time. It could show the non-connected titles as well if needed, but what I’m worried about is whether the metadata/viewing state for each title on non-connected drives would be deleted every time I swap out a disk and re-scan my library in Infuse?

I could also assign a new drive letter for each physical drive and share each letter, but I am not sure whether Infuse will use that path information to hold onto the information gleaned from other drives, as the SMB share I believe is tied to the machine and not the shared folders on the Windows side.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I can test this, but I figured someone could provide the info without losing my information. :slight_smile: