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Movies and TV series with two Chinese characters or three Chinese characters titles cannot be searched in Spotlight. Why?

Are these videos searchable from within Infuse?

Also, if these were recently added there may be a delay before Apple makes this content available in Spotlight.

They are searchable, there is no problem with movies and TV series with four Chinese characters and above, whether they are new add or old.
For example I can find the movie with the name of “何以为家”. but can’t find the movie “迷雾”

Can you test it?

It looks like Apple may require a minimum of 4 characters when searching for content in 3rd party apps.

For example, to locate the TV series ‘Justified’ in Infuse.

If I type in ‘JU’ or ‘JUS’ into Spotlight, I do not get any results for Infuse.

Entering ‘JUST’ does show the result in Infuse. It also shows results from other apps (like Instagram) for things like the name ‘JUSTIN’.

Since this seems to affect all apps equally, this seems to be an Apple limitation at this time. I guess the reasoning is that requiring 4 characters is sufficient enough filtering to avoid hundreds of results (most of which would be irrelevant) in Spotlight.

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