About ATV audio output to my Sony HT-Z9F sound bar.

I have a 4K ATV running with TVOs 13.3.1. Recently I found that the movie with TrueHD audio play with Infuse 6.3.1 are output to my sound bar with LCPM 5.1. I am sure that before I can get the movie with TrueHD audio output to my sound bar with LCPM 7.1.
Since starting from Infuse 6.3, it’s supporting Dolby ATMOS (E-AC3). Is this the cause that I have LCPM 5.1 now? I think the E-AC3 is like DD Plus 640K. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Any ideas of this?
Thanks for your help!

Sorry for the bothering!
After I reboot my ATV, now I can have my LCPM 7.1 output back. Thanks!

me again! Just found my ATV with Infuse only output LCPM 5.1 now and reboot won’t help anymore. It’s weird.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Does it do the same thing with other apps? VLC? Netflix?

Many videos will actually have multiple audio tracks. Can you check the audio track specs in Infuse to confirm the currently playing audio track is 7.1?

This info can be found in the Audio tab of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Tried VLC, the same as Infuse.

As you can see the attached, the 7.1 audio track was selected but got LCPM 5.1.

If you’re seeing the same problem with VLC than maybe it’s either an iOS or soundbar issue. Is your soundbar running the latest firmware?

Also here http://www.sonypremiumhome.com/pdfs/HT-Z9F_Specsheets_012318.pdf is showing LPCM as limited to 2ch input

Many thanks!

Please see the new attached. I even don’t know what I have done to get LCPM 7.1 again.

I’m going to say it’s probably some sort of weird HDMI handshake issue. If you only have the 3.1 sound bar configuration I really wouldn’t worry if it’s 5.1 or 7.1 as it all gets down mixed and sent through Sony’s virtual surround processor. If you had a full 7.1 discreet system the it might be an issue.

Yes, It’s maybe a HDMI handshake issue. I just don’ t know when it’s starting. I wonder if this coming from my TvOS upgrading or Infuse upgrading. So I post this here to see if somebody else have met the problem before or now.

Actually I have HT-Z9F and SA-Z9R combined for a 5.1 channel system which Sony claimed that it can simulate 7.1 channel system. So I just wanna my Sony system can get the real sound capability of the sound track and you his claimed tech to mix the channel. So having LCPM 7.1 is better than 5.1 in my point of view.

Thanks agin!